Stone Towing Southfield Service Outlines the Questions to Ask

Towing Southfield MI – What Michigan Drivers Need to Know

Anytime you may need a Southfield MI towing service, most likely you have gotten into an urgent predicament. Few folks– thankfully– possess a considerable amount of experience calling for a tow truck. Having said that, it is a service, and there are various ways people manage this business. For that reason, it is important to identify which questions to ask– BEFOREHAND.

Throughout a taxing plight, you may not remember every one of these, but ideally, you will remember a few. Each and every question you ask the Southfield towing service positions you better to reducing making your irritation … even worse yet.

Essential Questions to ask Towing Southfield MI when you Call

1. Payment Method: Does Southfield Towing take charge cards or cash only?
Whenever you do not have cash with you, you NEED TO ask this question– RIGHT BEFORE they appear to tow your vehicle.

2. Wait Time: How long is the wait?
You might not have a choice, still, it is usually a good plan to ask how much time you will need to wait.

3. Total Cost: How much money does Stone Towing bill to tow, including mileage and supplementary fees?
It is essential to know ALL of your expenses before your Southfield towing service arrives. How many miles do they tow before charging you for additional mileage? Any more for being on the expressway? Back roads?

4. Distance: Will you tow me just where I really want to go?
If you have a certain place you need your automobile to be towed, you have to confirm that this Southfield towing service agrees to take you there.

5. Community Knowledge: Do you know where auto service centers are?
If you are in a strange area and are in need of car repair, does this Southfield towing service company know where the local car repair shops are? Is there a car dealer around?

6. Insurance: Do you coordinate with my car insurance company?
If you have auto insurance coverage to take care of tow truck service, ask whether this Towing Southfield MI service can coordinate with your auto insurance company or Triple-A Auto (AAA Auto Club).

Alternatively, you might possibly have to pay out-of-pocket, even if your insurer reimburses you later.
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If you get the answers to these inquiries, towing absolutely will not develop into fun for you, yet these responses should help keep your bad circumstance from developing into something even more serious.